Pregame: Creepy Song Lore

October 20, 2021 00:44:37
Pregame: Creepy Song Lore
More Of That Presents: Discographology
Pregame: Creepy Song Lore

Oct 20 2021 | 00:44:37


Show Notes

It's still Season of the Mix here at More of That HQ, and we're continuing the festivities with spooky lore and legends behind your favorite music. Which song has the spookiest urban legend behind it? Which California ghost is the least threatening? Is Chad Smith just a wuss?

Inquire within...if you DARE...

Next week--the rest of our Halloween mixes!

Our opening song is "Never Say Never Again" by us, More Of That. You can listen to us on all major streaming platforms and on Bandcamp.

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