More Of That Presents: Discographology

--- Josh Head, Matt Taylor, Blake Walker, Logan Williams ---

A band from Springfield, Missouri discusses discographies, one album at a time.

Brought to you by Josh Head, Matt Taylor, Blake Walker, Logan Williams of More Of That Presents: Discographology

Latest Episodes…

  1. Funkadelic - Free Your Mind... and Your Ass Will Follow

    Free your mind and put on your headphones, discographology lies within. This week we look at the second Funkadelic album, “Free Your Mind ... And Your Ass Will Follow”, as well a brief aside on the first Parliament album “Osmium.” What is the backwards sounds at the end of “Eulogy ...


  2. Pregame: Side Pieces

    I got a thing, you got a thing, everybody’s got a thing….but what happens when my thing isn't your thing? Well, if we’re in a band, I start a side ...


  3. Funkadelic - Funkadelic

    Behold! It is Funkadelic, it's not of your world, but fear not, it will do you no harm. This week More of That begin their dissection of the first ...


  4. Pregame: Best Music of 2021!

    The More Of That crew run down their best new songs and albums of the year 2021 AD! What will 2022 bring? Find out as Josh reveals his pick for our next series! Our opening music is a song by us called "Never Say Never Again." You can find our band, ...


  5. The Beach Boys Love You

    It's palate cleanser time again, and Logan has chosen THE BEACH BOYS LOVE YOU (1977) as our one-off album! Although we're a band of Wilsonheads, most of us knew very little about this unique gem going into it. Brian's back, and they once again let him write some songs. Will ...