Season 2 Endgame

May 04, 2022 01:49:25
Season 2 Endgame
More Of That Presents: Discographology
Season 2 Endgame

May 04 2022 | 01:49:25


Show Notes

It all comes down to this. Who will be the winners and losers of Discographology Season 2? Apple. Werk. P-Funk. The 'Mats. In this final showdown, only one artist can reign supreme. Well, not exactly. But we had a lot of fun with it. Again, Josh produced more stats than we could ever ask for. We run down our top 5 albums of the season, as well as our superlatives. And once again, we play the heartbreaking game "The Snap," in which we must choose to annihilate all songs but one.

Thanks everyone for listening. See you in Season 3!


Our opening music is a song by us called "Never Say Never Again." You can find our band, More Of That, wherever you stream music (including Bandcamp).

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