More Of That Presents: Discographology

--- Josh Head, Matt Taylor, Blake Walker, Logan Williams ---

A band from Springfield, Missouri discusses discographies, one album at a time.

Brought to you by Josh Head, Matt Taylor, Blake Walker, Logan Williams of More Of That Presents: Discographology

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  1. The Shaggs - Philosophy of the World

    More of That pulls out all the stops with this palate cleanser episode and gets deep into the notorious "worst album of all time" by The Shaggs, Philosophy of the World! Does it really deserve such a designation? What makes music bad anyway? Who exactly are parents, and should they ...


  2. Pregame: Bummer Buys!

    Have you ever gone out and bought a record but the music just ain't no good? This week we bring you BUMMER BUYS--our top 5 records that we bought and immediately regretted! Maybe we learned to love them later. Or maybe we liked them at first, but then later they ...


  3. At The Drive-In - in•ter a•li•a

    Reunion albums. Hiatuses. Going home again. This week we discuss these tough concepts and many more. In 2017 (17 years after their previous release) At The Drive-In put out an LP, in•ter a•li•a, and an EP, Diamanté. We take a deep dive into this material, but don't call it a ...


  4. Pregame: Blind Buys!

    Have you ever judged an album by its cover? Have you then bought that album, without hearing so much as a note? Were you pleasantly surprised? Shocked? Disgusted? Is this rhetorical style working? Join us this week as we talk about our top "blind buys" of all time. It even gets ...


  5. At The Drive-In - Relationship of Command

    More Of That discusses At The Drive-In's "Vaya" EP before diving deep into 2000's "Relationship of Command." This is a big one, folks. An all-timer. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should consult us before inducting ATDI, because we've got the goods! I don't think it's spoiling much to ...