More Of That Presents: Discographology

--- Josh Head, Matt Taylor, Blake Walker, Logan Williams ---

A band from Springfield, Missouri discusses discographies, one album at a time.

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  1. At The Drive-In - Relationship of Command

    More Of That discusses At The Drive-In's "Vaya" EP before diving deep into 2000's "Relationship of Command." This is a big one, folks. An all-timer. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should consult us before inducting ATDI, because we've got the goods! I don't think it's spoiling much to ...


  2. 2020 Wrap-up / Song debut!

    In our last episode of 2020, More of That run down our top bangers and albums of the year. If you're a nerd for lists, this one is a MUST-LISTEN. THEN: We debut our new single, right here in the podcast feed! We also give insight into the "making of" story ...


  3. At The Drive-In - in/CASINO/OUT

    This week we've got a real treat for you, Discogorinos! First we break down At The Drive-In's 1998 EP "El Gran Orgo." Then we do a signature deep dive into 2000's "in/CASINO/OUT" LP. If you're a fan of astronomy, satellites, astronauts, emo, hardcore, or just goold old-fashioned musical theory, you ...


  4. Pregame: Santa's Wax!

    This week we try something different and play Logan's new holiday game: SANTA'S WAX! What would you ask the jolly old elf for if you could ask for ANYTHING in the world but it had to be a record? Intriguing answers within... Next week we're back to discussing At The Drive-In's ...


  5. At The Drive-In - Acrobatic Tenement

    Our journey into the discography of AT THE DRIVE-IN begins! This week we Get Real about this hard-working, van-dwelling band from Texas. We start with a brief discussion of their debut EPs--"Hell Paso" and "¡Alfaro Vive, Carajo!"--and then dive into the first LP, "Acrobatic Tenement." You've never heard Discographolgy get ...