Pregame: Cruise Cuts

November 17, 2021 00:35:38
Pregame: Cruise Cuts
More Of That Presents: Discographology
Pregame: Cruise Cuts

Nov 17 2021 | 00:35:38


Show Notes

The More Of That boys take you on a trip through our favorite driving tunes! Cruise with us as we check under the hood and determine what makes great music for the car. Kick back in the passenger seat as we put our foot on the gas and...well you get the point! The car is a great place to vibe, y'all.

Next week: More Kraftwerk!

Our opening music is a song by us called "Never Say Never Again." You can find our band, More Of That, wherever you stream music (including Bandcamp).

DISCOGRAPHOLOGY T-SHIRTS are available now and they're awesome! Hit us up anywhere online to buy one now!

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Twitter: @discographpod

Instragram: @moreofthatpresents

Logan has cool stuff on YouTube at Logan Williams Music

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