Pregame: Side Pieces

January 12, 2022 00:38:08
Pregame: Side Pieces
More Of That Presents: Discographology
Pregame: Side Pieces

Jan 12 2022 | 00:38:08


Show Notes

I got a thing, you got a thing, everybody’s got a thing….but what happens when my thing isn't your thing? Well, if we’re in a band, I start a side project! Thats this week’s special theme: ”Side Pieces” ! The band discuss their fave SIDE PROJECTS, beyond just We continue our look at Funkadelic next week!

Our opening music is a song by us called "Never Say Never Again." You can find our band, More Of That, wherever you stream music (including Bandcamp).

Closing music is "Roshambo" by The Network.

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