The Beach Boys Love You

December 22, 2021 02:03:46
The Beach Boys Love You
More Of That Presents: Discographology
The Beach Boys Love You

Dec 22 2021 | 02:03:46


Show Notes

It's palate cleanser time again, and Logan has chosen THE BEACH BOYS LOVE YOU (1977) as our one-off album! Although we're a band of Wilsonheads, most of us knew very little about this unique gem going into it. Brian's back, and they once again let him write some songs. Will they sink or surf? Only More Of That can decide. We wanna pick you up!

Next: Josh's discography choice...

Our opening music is a song by us called "Never Say Never Again." You can find our band, More Of That, wherever you stream music (including Bandcamp).

Closing music is "Brian Wilson" by Barenaked Ladies.

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