More Of That Presents: Discographology

--- Josh Head, Matt Taylor, Blake Walker, Logan Williams ---

A band from Springfield, Missouri discusses discographies, one album at a time.

Brought to you by Josh Head, Matt Taylor, Blake Walker, Logan Williams of More Of That Presents: Discographology

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  1. Fiona Apple - Fetch The Bolt Cutters

    It's here--the final installment of Fiona Apple's discography (until 2029). This episode of Discographology we slice into 2020's critically acclaimed Fetch the Bolt Cutters. We get deep into the deets of this record unlike any other. Who knew an abum recorded primarily at home using Garageband could snag Pitchfork's coveted ...


  2. Pregame: Quarantunes

    Before we discuss the world's favorite home recording of 2020, More Of That share our favorite Quarantine Cuts. These tunes were either made in isolation, released during quarantine times, or just got us through the (continuing) pandemic. Our opening song is "Never Say Never Again" by us, More Of That. You ...


  3. Fiona Apple - The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do

    Fiona Apple's fourth album from 2012 has yet another poem for a title. Don't worry--this one's only 22 words long! The More Of That boys have plenty of feelings about what is probably her biggest departure yet. Gone is Jon Brion and his pocket orchestra. All hail Saloon-core and its ...


  4. Pregame: Long Breaks

    We know them. We dread them. Painfully long waits between albums. Breakups and reunions. Hiatuses. Which long breaks yielded the best and most interesting records in our lives? Next week: Fiona Apple's fourth album (after a 7-year break!), The Idler Wheel... Our opening song is "Never Say Never Again" by us, More ...


  5. Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine

    After a 6 year break and a slew of production problems--including a shelved alternate album!--Fiona Apple finally released her third LP, Extraordinary Machine. Does it live up to its title? Was it worth the wait? Which version is better--Jon Brion's or Mike Elizondo's? All that and more answered within this ...